What is Easy Call?

Easy Call is a simple and easy way to make calls to your favourite numbers from your Honda Connect. Set up your most common numbers to be accessed straight from your Home screen.

Call Widget

In Honda Connect, you can use widgets to do actions such as launching apps. Easy Call provides the additional ability to create widgets, which can begin a call directly from your Home screen. To do this you must place the “Setup Easy Call” widget on your Home screen; this will automatically load the Setup screen, where you can program your Easy Call widget with your preferred details such as name and number, you can also choose an icon to help differentiate your Easy Call widgets.

Shared Numbers

If you have multiple people who use the same car, the Easy Call app can store your favourite numbers into your Honda Connect so that any driver who has their own phone connected can use them. Feel confident that your children or partner will always have access to shared numbers such as Home, Work or a Breakdown hotline. Please see the important privacy note below.

Making a call

To make a call it is as simple as pressing an Easy Call widget that you have set up. Depending on your settings, you may be shown a confirmation message to ensure the number is correct. Simply confirm that you want to make the call and the call will begin. Note that you will need a hands free telephone connected to your Honda Connect to complete the call.


To edit an Easy Call widget that you have previously created, you must first have two-stage confirmation enabled, and then select the Easy Call widget in question and you will see an Edit button. You can use the Edit button to return to the Setup screen for that widget and change the details.


To delete a personal Easy Call widget you can simply click and hold from the Home screen, and drag the widget onto the trash icon, which will appear when moving.


Within Easy Call, there is Settings. From there, you can choose to disable the call confirmation step, so that a call can be made in just one action from your Honda Connect Home screen. Note that without call confirmation you cannot edit an existing widget.

Important Privacy Note

It is important to note that the numbers stored by this app are stored in your Honda Connect device. When sharing your car with others you must understand that they will have access to these potentially personal pieces of information. When selling your car or sharing your car with others ensure that your personal data is not passed along by performing a factory data reset within your Honda Connect Settings > System > Factory Data Reset.

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