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Honda EU Edition (March-2018)
Your world. To go.

Aha Radio organizes your favorite content from the web into personalized, live on demand radio stations. Access your favorite podcasts, Internet radio, on demand music, restaurant recommendations, and even audio updates from Facebook and Twitter. All from a simple to use interface that makes accessing content as safe and easy as turning the radio dial. 

Aha Radio goes where you go, and lets you pick up right where you left off. Whether you are listening on your smartphone, or Honda vehicle.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Before you Start



  • Registration

  • Email verification

Featured Content

  • Add Favourites


  • Discover Stations

  • Add Favourites

  • Remove/re-order favourites

  • Discover Mode

  • History

  • Shortcuts


  • Associated Accounts

    • Facebook – How it Works

    • Twitter

    • Premium Accounts - ( 8tracks, Deezer, Amazon Music ) – How it Works

    • 8tracks

    • Amazon Music

    • Deezer

  • Explicit Filter


  • Podcasts

  • Internet Radio

  • Music Services

  • Audiobooks

  • Location-Based Services (LBS)

    • LBS – Hungry

    • LBS – Weather

    • LBS – Hotels

  • Social Media


  • Media Player Controls – General

  • Media Player Controls – Changing Views

Before you Start


To use Aha Radio you must have a data plan for your smartphone (<b>minimum 2GB plan recommended</b>), access to a Wi-Fi network, or data connectivity through a portable hotspot device.


"Try out as a Guest" user

Provides a simple Out of the Box experience for users to login to AHA without creating an account. The user will have full access to the app except account association.

The features also provides an option for the Guest user to create an account wherein all settings such as favorites, bookmarks, explicit will be transferred to the new account.

Sign up for AHA using Facebook login

Aha Radio now provides an option to login using Facebook credentials.


Aha Radio requires that you register/create an account to use the app and service.

Registration consists of:

  • Email – this will be your login name (Aha does not share this email address with 3rd parties)

  • Password – must be at least 4 characters

  • Name – User name to be associated with account

  • Gender – only used for demographic information

  • Year Born – only used for demographic information

To complete registration you must click the check box to accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and select “Join”.You will then receive a verification email from Aha Radio at the address you used during registration.

Email verification

During registration you will be asked to provide a working email address. An automated email message is generated to the account email address with a verification link. You should verify as soon as possible.


When you find content you want easy access to, you can add it as a preset to the <b>Favourites</b> page of the app. It doesn’t matter what type of content you are adding. Podcasts, music, audiobooks, are all in one place with the same controls. There is no need to jump from app to app. Favorites pages also provides an easier to connect options for Premium Music services and social network stations. By clicking on the + under “Linked Services”

As your Favourites list grows, Aha Radio will keep adding rows further down the screen. Just scroll down to see all of your presets. If you want to re-order them, you can do that via the <b>Edit</b> icon or by visiting www.aharadio.com/stations from a web page browser.

<b>NOTE</b>: The Aha Radio app only allows 36 favourites at a time.



Aha offers access to over one hundred thousand stations, across a variety of content types. To access the entire library of content, visit <b>Discover</b> by launching the discover tab.

Once there you can browse by topic categories, nearby content, and content partners. You can also initiate a <b>Search</b> at any time by using the <b>Search</b> box.

Through discover you can easily, browse curated stations and fully play any of them without adding to favourites. Access is also provided to browse Premium services.

Discover Mode

Find relevant audio content with minimal intervention. Discover mode uses a recommendation engine to decide what content to play based on your behaviour. To activate just press the binoculars icon from the player.

Add Favourites

To add a station to your favourites, look for the favourites star in the play bar.

Remove/re-order favourites

Aha Radio allows you to have upto 36 favourites. If you need to remove or re-order your favourites, you can do that by visiting the <b>Edit</b> pencil icon.

Simply drag the station to change the order, or select stations for removal by tapping the cross on the station artwork.

You can also choose one of the automatic re-ordering options using the drop-down menu. Choose from Alphabetical, Custom, or Most Played.


Provides a history of stations previously listened to for easy retrieval. To go to history just launch the History tab.

Shortcut Apps (Deezer, 8tracks, Weather, Hungry, Hotel)

Through Honda App Center you can install the above apps, these will launch you directly into the requested function within Aha. You will require and Aha account, and the latest version of Aha application installed.


Aha Radio supports linking of your account with a variety of services to enhance your overall experience. You can link your Aha Radio account to your accounts for Facebook, Twitter, 8tracks, Amazon Music and Deezer.

To add, update, or remove these connections you can visit the <b>Settings</b> screen and go to the Accounts section and Associated Accounts, or simply by pressing the + symbol on Linked Services within Favourites.

Facebook – How it Works

You can connect your Facebook account to your Aha Radio account and access Facebook content directly within Aha Radio.

You can link your Aha Radio and Facebook accounts by visiting the <b>Associated Accounts</b> section of Accounts in <b>Settings</b>, or by launching the Facebook station from your <b>Favourites</b> screen. You will then be prompted to provide your Facebook details via Facebook Connect. Aha Radio reads out messages posted by the user on the Timeline along with the comments on posted messages.


You can also link your Twitter account with Aha Radio and listen to your Twitter Feed as it’s read aloud.

If you do not have a personal Twitter account, you may still enjoy some of our Twitter List stations. These stations are created from curated lists of popular Twitter users.

Premium Accounts - ( 8tracks, Deezer, Amazon Music ) – How it Works


8tracks is Internet radio created by people, not algorithms.

Aha Radio users have immediate access to listen to 8tracks mixes, with the standard 8tracks skip limits imposed per mix (3). Listen continuously! When your current mix ends a related one will begin automatically.

Optionally associate your 8tracks account with Aha to easily find your preferred content. In Aha, “heart” mixes you like to synchronize back to your 8tracks account. To associate your 8tracks account go to Menu-Settings-Accounts-Associated Accounts-8tracks to login/register your account.

To find 8tracks stations users can search genre or mood from Aha station manager. 8tracks tags will be provided in the results. 8tracks stations are also available by browsing in the “Music” directory.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music unlimited is an on-demand service that offers access to tens of millions of songs. Connect your Amazon Music account to Aha to get access to “My Music” and browse the Amazon Music catalogue. Mark content as a favourite to gain easy access to it from your car.


Deezer is a web-based music streaming service with access to over 35M tracks from record labels including EMI, Sony, Universal, and Warner Music Group.

Aha Deezer users have immediate access to listen to “stations” once the user has registered with a free Deezer account.

Optionally associate your Deezer paid account. This gives the user access to the whole service including unlimited skips and no ads.

To find Deezer stations users can go to Menu-Add a Station-Aha and Partner Stations-Deezer. Users can also use the search method and Deezer tags will be provided in the results. Users can now add playlists or albums as Aha Radio presets.

Explicit Filter

By default, Aha Radio automatically filters and blocks explicit content for you. If you would like to enable the ability to listen to explicit podcasts, as well as comedy or user-generated shouts, you must visit the <b>Settings</b> screen and switch the <b>Explicit Content<b/> setting to ON.

If you attempt to play an explicit podcast without first enabling explicit, you will be reminded that your settings need to be updated. In other stations, where explicit content may be mixed with non-explicit content, the explicit items will be filtered out entirely.



Users can easily access tens of thousands of individual podcast episodes instantly using Aha Radio. There is no need to connect to your computer or download and sync the latest episode.

Any episodes available in the podcast feed are available for streaming directly to Aha Radio. If you have <b>Stream Caching</b> enabled (default setting is ON) you can also navigate to any part of the episode using the scrubber/status bar.

Internet Radio

Users can choose from tens of thousands of live streaming radio stations. Options include Internet streams of thousands of over the air radio stations broadcasting from all around the world, as well as internet-only streams in a variety of language or genre options.

Music Services

Along with podcasts and live radio, Aha Radio offers access to online music services. Users currently have access to 8tracks Radio, AccuRadio, Amazon Music, Live365, PlumRadio, SomaFM and more.

<b>NOTE</b>: Not all music services are available in all regions.


You can also listen to any of nearly 1,000 audiobooks available for free through Aha Radio. All of the chapters are streamed wirelessly to your device, and Aha Radio will even remember where you left of in any given chapter.

Location-Based Services (LBS)

Aha Radio offers several stations that provide information tailored to your current location. Features such as restaurant reviews, weather and more, filtered by location, and even customizable by station preferences. If you only want restaurant results that are rated 4 stars or better, Aha Radio will filter them and read the results to you. Note* This setting is currently only available using mobile app for iOS/Android or www.aharadio.com.

You can access the LBS stations at any time by selecting the <b>Nearby</b> tab.

LBS – Hungry

Aha Radio also offers a location-based search solution for finding just the right place to grab some food and drink.

The stations will automatically retrieve results based on your location.

LBS – Hotels

Aha Radio also offers a location-based search solution for hotels near you.

LBS – Weather

Users can receive real-time weather updates about local weather, or weather anywhere in the world.

Social Media

With Aha Radio, you can keep up with all the latest updates from your social networks, but in a way that makes it easy to do while on the go.

Once you have connected your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Aha Radio account, you can hear updates from your feeds being read to you.


Media Player Controls – General

Controls can vary by station, depending on the type of. You can pause or play any content by tapping the PLAY button in the bottom left corner, or by tapping the artwork in the center of the screen.

If you are listening to pre-recorded content (like podcasts or audiobooks) you will have a “scrubber” bar that show you the total length of an episode as well as your current position. You can also place your finger on the status dot and drag to whichever part of the episode you want.

Media Player Controls – Changing Views

<u>List View</u>: Trying to scan several episodes at once? Or looking for an older episode from a few weeks ago? List view lets you scroll through all episodes as a list, and select the one you want to play.

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